Temperature Color Changing Serie

Temperature Color Changing Serie

As a gel polish professional manufacturer and producer, we have some series of gel polishes.

Today we will introduce you a serie called temperature color changing which is very popular in the entire world !!!

As we all know, the gel polish remain in a color when it's under normal temperature, but it will change to another color when it gets warm.

The results are really fascinating and surpuring. We will show you more photos from our customers.

If you still want to know how that happened, now comes the video.

We hope these help you to undertsand what is a temperature color changing gel polish. If you want to try the magic, you can search "aimeili" on all Amazon marketplaces or visit our brand website : aimeilinail.com

Thank you for being there. See you next time :-)

Aug 3rd 2017 Victor

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